Creating magic through the transformative power of story.

I am a passionate filmmaker bringing to life meaningful entertainment in animation and live action, fiction and documentary, film and television.

I am deeply compelled to bring original and adapted stories to life and make a profound difference in the world. The incredible medium of film can be filled with both entertainment and meaning... One does not exclude the other.

I see a world where stories reach people, open their hearts, inspire them to see and feel life in a different way. Where the audience is invited to experience emotion and transform through narrative alchemy—the magic of interweaving and honing all filmmaking elements from story to dialogue to performance, design, cinematography, edit, sound and music to make amazing stories come fully to life in their best, most extraordinary form. 

I am highly committed to the quality and integrity of the work, tenacious in my commitment to its potential, and dedicated to the people that work with me to make it. My experienced and multi-disciplinary approach provides a synergy of vision that is unique and powerful, as well as collaborative and co-creative.

I fell in love with film in the story-centric environment of Pixar Animation Studios.

I was incredibly honoured to be there as the studio was forming itself and finding its voice, creative process, and visual style. Working with some of the greatest animation creatives in the industry, I started in camera and staging on ‘A Bugs Life’ and developed as a cinematographer, designing filming and staging for the popular and award-winning films ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Toy Story 2’. 

Leaving Pixar in pursuit of directing and more artistic range and freedom, I went on to work in various capacities both for other major studios and independently, including Sony Pictures Animation, Aardman Animations, L’Atelier Animation, Rainmaker Entertainment, and Walt Disney Animation. 

I also developed my passion for story development, design, and screenwriting, both adaptations and original content, in film and television. I enjoy working in collaboration with creative partners internationally. Several film projects have been selected for presentation at Europe’s well-respected animated film conference Cartoon Movie, including ‘Spirit Seeker’, ‘Planet of Kids, and ‘Raven Girl’. I am also developing other original features, series, and shorts.

Jericca is an ambitious and committed filmmaker. She cares deeply about the projects she is involved with, and will do whatever the project needs to be done.

I am known and sought after for my story skills and writing as well as for my story-driven design, whether as a director, a cinematographer, or a visual consultant.

I am compelled to express material as best suits it, maximizing its potential on screen in every capacity. Recently, I have contributed to films such as ‘The Breadwinner’, ‘We are not Princesses’, ‘Ballerina’ (aka ‘Leap’), ‘Wolfwalkers’ and ‘Dreambuilders’ and am involved in the upcoming ‘Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest’ and ‘Fireheart’.

My work spans a variety of styles, genres and media. Collaborations include filmmakers Tomm Moore, Alȇ Abreu, Nora Twomey, Sarah Smith, and Anita Doron and client studios Cartoon Saloon, Quad, Locksmith Animation, Sony Computer Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Legendary Entertainment, Double Negative, Psyop, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Games, and Oculus Studios. 

As a  co-owner and the creative director of Oscar- and Emmy-nominated Danish animation studio Nørlum, I write, direct, and oversee original development.

Nørlum co-produced the award-winning 2D animated feature films Song of the Sea, Long Way North, and Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary, and were one of two studios to produce season one of Disney’s Big Hero 6: The Series. We are also co-producers of the recent animated feature The Ape Star.

I am honoured to be a full and active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Short Film and Feature Animation Branch and an accredited cinematographer with the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. My career has given me the incredible opportunity to be taught and mentored by some of the best creatives in the industry… Lee Unkrich, Joe Ranft, Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, Ralph Eggleston, Sharan Calahan, Barry Sonnenfeld, and Bruce Block. I am grateful for all of the insight and contributions that form the foundation of my approach and dedication to the craft.